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Common Signs that You May Have Sensitive Skin and What to Do

Common Signs that You May Have Sensitive Skin and What to Do


As men, thinking about the health of our skin and taking care of it properly is not something we often do, especially when it comes to considering whether or not we may have sensitive skin. It feels like the opposite of what we’re meant to be doing– your face is for growing beards and leading you confidently through life, not for managing skin irritations! 

The fact is, though, that men, including bearded men, are just as prone to skin sensitivities as anyone else, and ignoring this fact and treating your skin roughly can cause you a lot of discomfort, and keep you from looking your best. Keep an eye out for signs that you may have sensitive skin. If you notice these problems, tweaking your beard care and skincare routine can make a world of difference!

Frequent Dryness

Intense dryness is one of the most common signs of sensitive skin. If your skin feels very dry to the touch (almost papery) or if your skin feels very tight on your face, especially after you wash and dry it but before you add any moisturizing product, you probably suffer from dry, dehydrated skin. Other signs can be flakiness on the skin across your face and in your beard, or tiny, crepey lines on your skin that look like wrinkles, but go away when you’re well hydrated and your skin is packed with moisture.

Redness and Itchiness

Sensitive skin is often prone to being irritated by certain products, rough treatment like scratching or shaving, or even a strong, cold wind. If you find that your skin is often visibly red and that you’re constantly either itching or reaching for something to stop the itching, there’s a good chance you have sensitive skin. 

You may have an allergy to something, which can be brought up to your doctor if you notice the reaction cropping up after you have contact with a specific product, object, food, or other possible allergen. Warmth, swelling, and rashes or blisters are other signs of allergic reactions. However, your skin might also just be sensitive without there being an actual allergy present. Pay attention to when your skin becomes red and irritated and what may have triggered it– this will help you to tell the difference!

Frequent Breakouts

Acne problems are incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially as an adult, but while they’re often blamed on greasy skin, poor diet, or any other number of causes, sensitive skin is a possible culprit as well! Breakouts in sensitive skin are often caused by contact with irritating products, like soaps full of fragrances and synthetic chemicals. If you find yourself dealing with zits, whiteheads, blackheads, and other forms of acne more often than normal, sensitive skin might be the cause.

What to Do 

Moisturize Properly

While not a universal truth, the general rule is that dry skin and sensitive skin go hand in hand. You can do a lot to counteract the annoying effects of dry skin by simply moisturizing properly every day! For most men, this means once in the morning (with SPF if you can, since sensitive skin is often prone to sunburn, sun damage, and skin cancer) and once at night. Choose a thick, rich moisturizer for flaky, tight skin, and something light that won’t clog your pores if you tend to have oily skin.

Establish a Simple Care Routine

Unfortunately, when you have sensitive skin, your skincare routine can’t be an afterthought or something you just don’t do. You’ll need to get in the habit of doing some things on a daily basis to take care of your skin and keep it comfortable and healthy. The upside is that with sensitive skin, less is often more! You’ll want to keep your routine as basic as possible, focusing on gentle cleansing, adding in moisture, and treating breakouts or irritations only when necessary. Simple products packed with natural ingredients will often be best for sensitive skin routines– just make sure you’re avoiding any ingredients that you’re allergic to!

Avoid Irritants and Fragrances

Modern skincare products can sometimes do more harm than good when you have sensitive skin. With harsh chemicals and large amounts of fragrance, some of them can really wreak havoc on your face, leaving you dry, itchy, broken out, and just plain miserable. Choosing simple products with as many natural ingredients as possible is often the best route for sensitive skin, especially if you can find unscented products! These will have even less of a chance of causing irritation or a bad reaction.

You can browse our collection of unscented beard products online here. You may find that our Fresh Beards oils, balms, butters, and washes are just the things that your sensitive skin needs!
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