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Black Light: What to Know About Our Popular Blend Collection

Black Light: What to Know About Our Popular Blend Collection


If there’s one thing we’ve learned after years in the beard care industry, it’s that no bearded man is the same. Every individual has their own preferences, and each set of hair and skin has its own needs. For example, one man might have a dry beard that desperately needs moisture, but if he hates the feeling of liquid oil on his face, our beard oils wouldn’t be a good choice for him. Our beard butters, on the other hand, can deliver the hydration he needs without being uncomfortable. 

By offering a variety of product formulations and many different scents, we strive to meet the needs of all of our customers! One of our scent collections, Black Light, is incredibly popular with men from all walks of life, and we’re about to take a deep dive into why that is!

What is Black Light?

Black Light is the name of one of our more popular scent collections. We offer this fragrance blend in all of our scented products, and it’s a big seller across the board! We’ve often described it as our “smooth cologne” fragrance. It has notes of spice, wood, and citrus, giving it a similar scent profile to your favorite fancy fragrances.

Who is Black Light Right For?

Black Light is a sophisticated, masculine scent that isn’t too overpowering. It’s perfect for any man who wants to look and smell like he has it all together. The citrus helps to give it a clean and fresh scent, while the complex spices keep things mysterious and interesting. Overall, it’s the scent of someone that people should want to know more about.

What Products are in the Black Light Line?

All of our scented products are available in the Black Light fragrance. This includes our classic beard oil, our beard butter and beard balm, our beard wash, and even our mustache wax. You can use one or a combination of these products to get the results you’re looking for, and even combine them with other scented Fresh Beards products to get a completely customized experience!

How to Use the Black Light Collection

Our Black Light beard wash helps to keep your facial hair clean and soft. Use it several times a week or as needed to wash away oils, dirt, skin flakes, and other gunk, and leave your beard fresh and lightly scented.

Beard oil is a great option for the driest of beards, or anyone with thirsty, flaky skin. Apply this product as needed to hydrate your beard and add the smooth Black Light fragrance. Beard oil is especially great to use at night so that its intense moisture can soak in while you sleep.

Our Black Light beard butter is another deeply hydrating option. It packs in the moisture with solid ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil instead of liquid moisturizers, so melt this product down with your hands and apply it to hydrate and give the appearance of a thicker, glossier beard.

Beard balm is a great multipurpose option. Not only does it hydrate like a beard butter, but it provides a light hold, making it easier to shape and style your beard for the day ahead. Warm it up between your hands like a beard butter, then apply it and shape your desired look with your hands or a brush as it sets. Then, go about your day and enjoy your polished look and great scent!

For strong hold on complex facial hair styles, you need a mustache wax. Luckily for you, we have one in the Black Light collection! With this powerful little product, you can sculpt and control your facial hair, from tame styles to wild shapes. Our pocket-sized tube is even easy to carry for touch-ups throughout the day.

Ready to learn why our Black Light collection is so popular with our customers? Start shopping through our beard care products here to find the option that’s right for you!
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