Our Story

Fresh Beards offers real men real beard care products made from high-quality all-natural ingredients made-in-America.

How it All Began…

Fresh Beards has been making your beard our priority since 2015. Founded by a marine but later changing hands to current owners, the Van Steenvoort Family, Fresh Beards continues to honor our roots by supporting the Camp Hope PTSD foundation. We do this by giving back $5 for every purchase of our PTSD Foundation of America Package. Our hope is that through our product veterans can heal and move forward with their lives.

Simply Better Beard Butter

We’re famous for our Beard Butter. Why do our brothers choose it again and again? Well, for starters, our beard butter is unrivaled when it comes to softening beard hair. No matter how coarse your beard hair is, this stuff will soften it. As it softens, it also strengthens your beard hair, helping you grow a stronger, fuller, better beard.

Beard Products for Every Style

You don’t have to be a bearded biker to use our products. You also don’t have to be a Wall Street hipster. All you need is a beard that could use high-quality styling products.

Besides our widely loved but never duplicated beard butter, our selection also includes beard balm and beard oil in a variety of fragrances. Whether you like a musky scent or prefer something sweeter, you’ll find it at Fresh Beards.

The best part is, everything in our selection is made from real, all-natural ingredients. We believe nature didn’t make a mistake when she made herbs and minerals that clean and moisturize. And we don’t like to mess with what isn’t broken. We keep things simple and use natural ingredients to cleanse, moisturize, and style your beard.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give beards what they need: high quality, all-natural, powerful beard care. We painstakingly select every ingredient in every product we sell to guarantee it meets our standards—leaving no stone unturned in the process. Through this approach, we aim to be the best beard care product provider in the industry.


Every worthwhile company is guided by core values. Our core values are as follows:


We choose more expensive, all-natural, ingredients to make our products because we know it makes a difference in their quality.

-Customer Care

Above all else, we’re committed to giving you what your beard needs every time you shop with us.


We passionately give back to the less fortunate and know that giving back is always the right thing to do.

Our Promise to You

Each time you choose our beard products we feel truly honored. We take your choice seriously, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Shop with confidence knowing we always have your back.

It’s time for better beard care. Grab our beard butter, oil, or balm and style your beard the way you want with products made just for you.

Have questions or comments about our products? Please reach out to us if so. We’re always happy to hear from you.