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Our Story

At Fresh Beards, we are proud of the products we produce and the values we stand for. We are a family-owned and operated business that prioritizes high-quality, affordable beard products for every style, unmatched customer service, and community support.

Made in America

While we ship worldwide, ALL of our products are proudly made in America at the time of order to maximize freshness and quality. Our storefront, where our beard products are made, is located in Katy, Texas, following a move from Kutztown, PA, and we welcome local customers to visit, talk to our Fresh Beards family, and shop for their favorite products. Each order is made, packaged and shipped right here in the USA. 

As a neighbor in the Houston community, we are always looking for ways to get involved and stay connected. In the past, we have attended a solidarity march, hosted a radio show in our shop with FREE shape-ups and giveaways, and judged facial hair competitions. At Fresh Beards, we believe in the power of community and love having an active role in our own.

Family Roots

Fresh Beards has been making your beard our priority since 2015. Originally founded by a Marine, Fresh Beards later changed hands to current owners, the Van Steenvoort Family. After Zach Van Steenvoort started working in the healthcare industry, he began to look for solutions for a product to help control the beard dandruff and the itch he encountered firsthand while growing a beard, but couldn’t find any that worked for him until he came across Fresh Beards listed for sale on a brokerage site. Following his dreams of creating quality beard care products and owning his own business, Zach reached out to the owners and the rest is history.

Working as a family owned and operated business is the best job we’ve ever had. While we work hard and are 100% dedicated to bringing the best beard

products to our customers, we like to have fun, too. We believe it is important to take time away from work and travel our beautiful country and world. We enjoy spending time outdoors – hiking, kayaking, visiting the beach, and finding new playgrounds for our daughter. Any activity that allows us to spend time as a family, whether it’s a family movie or game night, evening walk, concert or trying out a new restaurant, we genuinely love to spend time together!

Being able to spend every day together and still provide for our family truly is a blessing. When you choose to support Fresh Beards, you’re supporting our family.

Simply Better Beard Products

All of our products have something unique and special to offer but we’re especially famous for our Beard Butter. Why do men choose it again and again? Well, for starters, our beard butter is unrivaled when it comes to softening beard hair. No matter how coarse your beard hair is, this stuff will soften it. As it softens, it also strengthens your beard hair, helping you grow a stronger, fuller, better beard.

Besides our widely loved, but never duplicated beard butter, our selection also includes beard balmbeard oilbeard wash, and mustache wax in a variety of fragrances. Whether you like a musky scent or prefer something sweeter, you’ll find it at Fresh Beards and we continue to evolve and introduce new products to our lineup.

We value a quality product so we choose more expensive, natural, cruelty-free ingredients to make our products because we know it makes a difference in their quality. Our beard care products are unmatched by our competitors because of this. We also stand behind our customers. We are committed to bringing them the best products for all their beard needs so that they can confidently enjoy life to the fullest. 

Our Vision and Promise to You

Each time you choose our beard products, we feel truly honored. We know that you set high standards for your beard care, as you should, but we hold ourselves to even higher expectations so we can exceed yours. Our mission is to give beards high quality, unique products that deliver results. We select every ingredient in every product we sell to guarantee it meets our standards. 

Through this approach, we aim to be the best beard care product provider in the industry. We take your choice seriously, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Shop with confidence knowing we always have your back. It’s time for better beard care. Grab our beard butter, oil, or balm and style your beard the way you want with products made just for you.

Have questions or comments about our products? Please reach out to us if so. We’re always happy to hear from you. Stay fresh and enjoy life!

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