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Fresh Beards All Natural Products Featuring Limited Edition Labels

Fresh Beards All Natural Products Featuring Limited Edition Labels


When you have wild hairs that you’re trying to keep in line, your beard is too rough and coarse, and you want your face forest to smell fresh and clean, you know Fresh Beards has you covered. We understand many of our customers prefer all-natural products, so we've put together these limited release designs for our four all natural scents. Using pure, non-synthetic ingredients just works—for you and us.

We partnered with the fantastic local artist and long-time friend Rob Homan to create these limited edition labels, featuring a new take on the classic Fresh Beards logo.

Rob’s focus on the beauty of the natural world and our relationship with it is demonstrated by the design, which can be found on our Classic, Woodland, Freak, and #5 butter, balm, and oil products for limited time. Our hope is that when you see these fine labels, you remember our commitment to a healthy, safe, and natural products.

Stay fresh and enjoy life!


A Word From the Artist

"My work is inspired by textures and organic shapes in nature. I spend a lot of time in the woods foraging for materials and connecting with the surroundings. I also have a passion for scratch cooking and baking. It was a natural progression to start making my own wooden cooking utensils to try in the kitchen, which has now evolved to bowls and furniture. My woodworks are intended to be asymmetric and celebrate natural textures. The wood I carve is sourced locally from naturally fallen timber.

My artwork is an extension of my woodworks, a different media to explore/uncover interesting relationships and patterns in the natural world. I spend the warmer months outside in my woodshop carving spoons, cutting boards, bowls and furniture. The winter season is spent inside my house at the drawing table. I enjoy the change of pace between drawing and carving, one tends to influence my perspective on the other from season to season. I like to think the pieces I created over the years will tell a story of where I’ve been and how I’ve grown."

- Rob Homan, Artist

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