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How to Detangle Your Beard

How to Detangle Your Beard


With a long beard also comes a long list of negative beard stereotypes. You may have heard that “beards are dirty” and “bearded guys are lazy,” but that can’t be further from the truth. Many bearded men can not simply wake up and leave the house with a perfectly groomed and polished beard. If you can, consider yourself lucky!

From brushing, trimming and applying beard care products, some can even argue that just shaving the beard off completely would allow for a quicker and easier morning routine, but RESIST that temptation! Below, we provide you with tips on detangling your beard and preventing “bed beard.”

Invest in the Right Tools

Investing in the right beard care tools for the job can make all of the difference. A horse or boar bristle brush designed specifically for beard hair works wonders in taming and controlling facial hair while also enhancing its natural shine. This type of brush distributes sebum, or the natural oils found in your beard, equally and efficiently throughout your beard, which helps condition the hair.

The strong and stiff bristles are also flexible, which works to detangle and smooth your beard, without pulling hair out or damaging it. The bristles clean the strands of hair and removes dandruff flakes and dirt. Use a brush with longer bristles for a longer beard and one with shorter bristles for a shorter beard to prevent irritating your skin underneath.

While a beard brush is more useful if you’re going for a fuller or thicker beard look, a comb is more handy for ridding knots. It’s important to start at the bottom of your beard and work your way up when using a comb. If you’re just rocking a mustache, you might only need a mustache comb to ensure your hairs are all facing the correct direction.

Use both tools — comb and brush — to reap all of the benefits each has to offer. Detangle your beard with the comb first before moving on to the brush to condition and style.

Oil and Condition Regularly

Just as it’s important to choose the right tools for your beard, it’s even more important to choose the right products. Beard balms, butters, waxes, washes, and oils provide moisture, protection, and styling abilities for your beard.

Beard wash should be the first step in your beard care routine to remove dirt and excess oils while still retaining moisture. Tip — if you’re noticing your beard is frequently getting split ends, check your beard wash. Shampoo on the beard can be harsh and cause it to dry out, resulting in breakage.

Next, apply beard oil to your beard before evenly distributing the product throughout your hair with a beard brush or comb. Our premium beard oils start with a base of liquid shea and natural and fragrance oils to soften, reduce itch, and reduce/eliminate dandruff. Unlike other beard oils on the market, our line does not contain carrier oils, which leaves that greasy feeling.

Use beard balm, butter, and mustache wax if you’re looking for more of a hold in your beard. Beard butter will soften the hair, no matter how coarse it is, as well as strengthen it. You can feel confident in your decision to purchase Fresh Beards with our commitment to real, all-natural ingredients.

Trim Those Split Ends

If you’re in the process of growing your beard out, you may be hesitant to trim the ends, but it’s an essential step in promoting a healthy beard. Similar to the hair on the top of your head, beards are prone to split ends and breakage over time. Not only do split ends not look as polished, but they can lead to your beard growing in odd directions and an increase in knots.

You can leave the trimming to the professionals and book an appointment with your barbershop, or attempt to do it yourself. If you choose the latter, make sure you use a sharp and clean pair of scissors to prevent even more frays. Use your comb to measure and cut the ends of your split hair to produce a more uniform and even look.

A Knot-So-Hard Morning Routine

So there you have it — three simple tips to promoting a healthy and knot-free beard. With the right tools, products, and trimming techniques, you won’t be tempted to shave off your beard every morning and you’ll be on your way to achieving the long beard look you’re going for. Keep growing.

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