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How to Support Your Local Barbershop

How to Support Your Local Barbershop


Times are challenging for many right now and barbershops are no exception. In an attempt to slow the spread of the current Coronavirus pandemic, many “non-essential” businesses have been ordered to temporarily close their doors. While you may not be able to get your fresh trim just yet, there are still many ways you can continue to support your local barbers.

Promote Their Shop on Social Media

While many barbershops may not be operating right now, they may still be active on social media. Like and share any of their posts, leave positive ratings and reviews, and tag friends that may enjoy their services as well to show that you still appreciate the shop’s business and help spread the word for when they reopen. This small act is free and quick to do, but would be greatly appreciated by the barbers at the shop.

Book a Future Appointment

Not all barbershops may be scheduling appointments online while they’re closed, but if they are, get your name on the books for a future appointment. This will not only ensure that you get your cut before they get booked up, but it also reminds your favorite barbers that many people are eager to visit once they reopen and the shop will have a steady income. Even if you’re not sure on a date that would work, you can always reschedule your appointment, but it’s important to have something to look forward to during these unfamiliar times.

Purchase a Gift Card

You’re going to need a trim at some point in the future so why not support your favorite shop now and purchase a gift card to use at a later date? If you have a friend’s birthday coming up or just want to send a “thinking of you” package, a gift card to their barbershop is also a great idea for a present. The barber shop will thank you for your support and your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness and pampering once quarantine ends.

Buy Their Merch or Products

Are you in need of your favorite grooming products? Before placing an order from a big retail store online, check to see if you can purchase your necessities from your local barbershop. Some shops may still be able to sell and ship products while closed. If they do not, inquire about purchasing merchandise, such as shirts or hats that have their shop name or logo displayed. Purchasing their merch will help them receive some income and you’ll be able to advertise their shop everytime you wear their logo.

Offer Support

The best thing you can offer at this time is support. Whether it’s sending an encouraging text to your barber or offering to drop a meal off on their porch, any support you show will not go unnoticed. Barbers work hard to make you look AND feel great, return the favor and show your gratitude for all they do.

We’re Doing Our Part

As a family-owned business, we love to support other local businesses. We organized a “Tag A Barber” social media contest that encouraged followers to share the name of their local shops by tagging them in the comments to be entered to win a $50 gift card to their barbershop. We appreciate all of the shops that have welcomed our Fresh Beards products on their shelves and love to give back when we can.

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