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Keep It Cool- 5 Summer Beard Care Tips

Keep It Cool- 5 Summer Beard Care Tips


Summer is all about fun times and good vibes. With so much fun to be had out in the sun, it is easy to forget about the sweat, dirt, and grime that comes along with summer activities. Men with beards know about this all too well; the itch, the irritation, and the extra maintenance it takes to keep the face mane in tip-top shape. Fortunately, with the right products and just a little bit of effort, it is easier than ever to take care of your beard during these hot summer months.

It may seem easier to cut your losses and shave it off, but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Keep it cool this summer with these 5 summer beard care tips. 

Keep It Clean

Summer is the most fun time of year, but it can also be the dirtiest. Whether you’re working outdoors or in front of the grill, sweat, dirt, and other oils can get trapped in your beard and cause irritation. That itch you can’t seem to scratch is most likely coming from your dirty chin curtain. Even worse, an unclean beard can cause acne on the skin under and around your facial hair that can quickly become hard to manage. Solve this problem by washing your beard regularly this summer.

Don’t you dare touch that immaculate mane with anything other than a beard wash. Regular soaps and shampoos can have harsh chemicals that dry out your beard hairs and leave them worse for wear. Our washes are made with top-tier oils and shea butter that will leave your beard feeling fresh and clean with every wash. 

Keep It Trimmed

While that extra hair on your face may retain some of that scorching summer heat, having a beard can actually be quite beneficial during this time of year. Your beard acts like armor for your face, shielding it from harmful UV rays. However, the longer the hair gets, the harder it is to maintain. When the sun is at its highest, it might be time to tame the beast.

Hear us out, long beard lovers. You don’t have to hack off your face creation to keep it nice for the summer. However, trimming it down an inch or two may make it easier to wash and moisturize. The skin under your beard needs some summer love, too. 

Keep It Hydrated

Plants need water and fertile soil to grow. Without a hydrated and healthy foundation, they wither away. Your beard is a lot like a plant. You can’t have a healthy beard without healthy skin. The best way to keep your skin, and thus, your beard, healthy and hydrated this summer is by drinking plenty of water. That’s right- all you need is water! 

When you’re dehydrated, your hair becomes brittle, making it easier to break. Dehydration can also leave your beard hair looking dry and dull. Summer and sweat go hand in hand, making it hard to keep fluids in your body. Be sure that you are replenishing the fluids lost during your summer activities by drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. Your beard won’t be the only one that thanks you; your body and mind will, too.

Keep It Smooth

Just because you’ve got some scruff doesn’t mean you can’t keep it smooth. It is easy to dry out your beard during the summer and lose some essential moisture. Pool chemicals are great at killing harmful, water-borne bacteria, but they suck when it comes to summer beard care. If you’re spending a lot of time under the sun, those harsh UV rays can quickly damage your beard hairs and make them coarse and weak. Solving this problem is easier than ever at Fresh Beards.

Adding a little extra attention to your beard this summer can keep your man mane soft and healthy. Our beard oils and butters help you put the moisture back into your beard that summertime often sucks out of it. Made with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, these products will smooth out your beard without leaving any heave grease behind. Perfect products for a perfect summer beard!

Keep It Brushed

Whether you’re groomed and sophisticated or wild and unkempt, every beard needs a good brushing. Not only does regular brushing keep your beard free from tangles, but it also helps loosen up any dirt and buildup. Healthy oils can sit at the root of your follicles. Brushing your beard from root to end will spread them out evenly to hydrate every single hair. We’ve already covered how dirty the summer season can be, so brushing your beard should be an essential part of your summer beard care routine. 

Your tools are an important part of your beard upkeep, so invest in them wisely. Our beard brushes and combs are made with strong materials that can handle even the wildest of whiskers while still being gentle enough on your skin. 

At Fresh Beards, we believe that all beards are summer beards. Short, long, groomed, or untamed, we’ve got something for everyone. Stay cool this summer with the hottest beard care products on the market today!

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