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The 5 Best Fall Blends for Your Beard

The 5 Best Fall Blends for Your Beard


Every season is a good time for beard care, but with cooler winds and drier weather in many parts of the country, it’s a good time to think about the best beard moisturizers and blends for the fall. Luckily, Fresh Beards has all the beard care products you need for stylish, comfortable, and masculine autumnal blends. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular choices for beard care this fall.


When your beard could use some extra protection that doesn’t compromise style or comfort, our resilient Armor blend is a perfect choice. With our Armor beard oil, rich sandalwood and bourbon scents can refresh your beard and reach the skin underneath. The oils nourish your beard and moisturize your face, all while fostering a fuller & thicker beard. You can also try our Armor Beard Wash, which features a moisturizing blend of Tea Tree Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.


To help get to the heart of our fiery passions for beard care, our moisturizing Campfire Beard Balm provides that sweet smoky smell with the balm’s moisturizing conditioner. With a blend that fits perfectly with fire pit antics and sweet smoke ash, you’ll bring an aroma of adventure whenever you wear it. Enjoy sylvan cookout memories and make new ones with this relaxing, masculine fall blend. 


With Autumn’s swift arrival, the holiday season is soon upon us with beautiful foliage and crisp seasonal air. It’s all too easy to be reminded of the great outdoors, and for men who need to get out in nature, the Woodland blend can be an ideal option. For those who have strong passions for trailblazing, hiking, and camping, try out the Woodland Beard Wash for a rejuvenating and natural-feeling cleanliness. You should also try our Woodland beard balm, which is a shea-based product blended with the perfect ratio of beeswax to feel more natural and less oily. 

Dark Roast

A lot of active people like to start their fall day with a refreshing cup of coffee to help power them through the work ahead. With our Dark Roast Beard Balm, you can condition and moisturize your beard with a rich mix of rich coffee beans and sweet cream to help stay comfortable, stylish, and focused. This blend will help you stay energized throughout the day while nourishing and promoting healthy beard growth. You can also try our Dark Roast beard butter to soften coarse hairs, reduce split ends, and eliminate itchiness. 


While proper beard care may not be magic, our distinctly sweet Voodoo oil blend gets pretty close. It offers scents of tart lime, light jasmine, and sweet oranges for a comforting mix of bold and gentle aromas. Use it on your beard for a strong and long-lasting hold that helps you tame or shape even the most persistent stray hairs. You can also choose our beard balm, which coats each hair and helps your beard withstand harmful elements such as dust, rain, and wind. For a blend that offers the spirit and splendor of New Orleans, Voodoo is the perfect choice.

With wonderful autumn aromas and premium blends, Fresh Beards has everything you need for a healthier and richer beard this season. For all your beard care needs, choose the best beard oil, balm, butter, and wash products at Fresh Beards today!
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