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The Bearded Man's Fall Activity Guide

The Bearded Man's Fall Activity Guide


Feel Fresh This Fall

Ah, fall. It's one of the best times of the year. Football Sundays with the boys are back, camping trips are booked, and camo apparel is back in style. #NoShaveNovember is also fully underway, so it's extra appropriate to rock a fresh beard all season long.

Check out our guide matching the perfect Fresh Beards scent with every event on your fall calendar.


Watch a Football Game - Voodoo

Picture this: your buffalo chicken dip was just pulled from the oven, a cold beer is sitting on your coffee table, you’re wearing your lucky jersey, and you just took a seat on the couch to root for your favorite team. The only thing that would make this ideal Sunday even better? Putting some Voodoo Beard Butter or Beard Oil in your beard.

This spellbinding blend of bergamot, fresh lime, jasmine, sweet orange, and eucalyptus is sure to work some magic in your team’s favor.


group of guys watching a football game on tv

Go Hunting - Classic

Many men may sacrifice their daily beard grooming routines when heading into the woods to hunt in fear that any scent would alert game to your presence. However, that’s not the case with Fresh Beards Classic products.

Our unscented beard butter, beard balm, and beard oil still provide the same great benefits - like a strong hold, itch-relief, and soft beard - without any added fragrance. So, venture into those woods with confidence, get that big buck, and at the end of the season you may just have two prized possessions: homemade jerky in your freezer and our Classic Beard Butter by your sink.


Take a Hike - Woodland

Take a hike, and we don’t mean that in a bad way. You can only appreciate the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges of fall foliage for a short time out of the year, so lace up your hiking books, pack your backpack, and find a trail to explore.

But before you go blazing any paths, apply Woodland Beard Butter to your beard. With outdoor aromas of cedar and patchouli, you’ll feel as if you’re one with nature before you even step outside.


Plan a Camping Trip - City Limit

With the busy holiday season right around the corner and the cold winter months creeping up, fall is the perfect time to unwind with one last camping trip of the season. Pitch a tent, unplug for the weekend, and take in the wonders of nature.

When packing up the truck for your next camping trip, don’t forget to pack your Fresh Beards beard butter. When escaping the big city and heading for the woods, we recommend bringing along the City Limit blend with notes of lavender and musky teakwood. Camping, and the City Limit blend, will be a much-needed and well-deserved breath of fresh air.


smiling man cammping

Tour a Brewery - Major League

Touring a brewery is fun year-round, but there is something extra special about visiting one in the fall. You’ll have the opportunity to try unique brews and see the behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the process of beer-making. Even if you don’t drink, many breweries have food to try and events planned on the weekends.

While you’re at it, try one of the blends we brewed up for your beard. Our beardmasters suggest wearing the Major League, raw tobacco and clove blend on your brewery tour. What goes best with a beer in one hand? A cigar in the other. We brew up some fantastic blends that you’re going to want to get your hands on.


Attend a Concert - Black Light

Concerts aren’t only for summer. Fall is a great time to sing and dance along to your favorite performers or a new band. Many areas host fall festivals and events with live music.

Whatever music genre you prefer, whether that may be country, rock, or pop, don’t attend the concert without looking AND feeling good in our Black Light scent! The smooth luxury cologne blend is the perfect choice when you want to have a night of fun and break out your smooth dance moves.


group of friends taking a picture at a concert


Build a Bonfire - Campfire

When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of flannel shirts, pumpkin picking, haunted houses, and hayrides. Bonfires are also the epitome of fall. Cold nights are the perfect time to warm up by a bonfire, catch up with friends, and roast a few marshmallows.

Don’t wait for the fire to give your beard and clothes that nostalgic bold, ashy aroma scent that reminds you of one of your favorite pastimes. Head to the bonfire with our Campfire blend in your beard because the only thing better than one campfire is two.


Host a Friendsgiving - Dark Roast

One of the best parts about the fall season is the feeling of togetherness. Hosting a Friendsgiving is a great excuse to get all of your favorite people in one place, enjoy a potluck of delicious foods, and show off your fresh beards.

We recommend starting out your busy day with the Dark Roast blend. Between preparing the turkey and baking the apple pie, cleaning the house, and setting the table, you need energy. Lucky for you, that's the power of rich, freshly brewed coffee. You’ll be the talk of the party with this fan-favorite blend. A fresh beard is something to be thankful for this season!


group of friends having thanksgiving dinner


There’s a lot to do this fall, from hosting parties and bonfire to going on camping trips, brewery tours, and hikes, but don’t go anywhere without styling your beard with our Fresh Beards products first.

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