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The Modern Man's Guide to Mustache Styles

The Modern Man's Guide to Mustache Styles


Your mustache says a lot about you. It’s something that each man puts time and effort into growing and maintaining, even if it’s left natural and no-fuss, and the way you choose to wear your ‘stache is part of how you communicate who you are to the world around you, so make sure it says something good! 

Not sure what your facial hair choices say about you? Here’s a quick guide!

Classic Confidence

Nick Offerman, Burt Reynolds, your dad– the list of men who have sported the classic, simple mustache goes on and on, and there’s a reason that it’s stuck around for so long and is still popular today: it just works! Whether it’s straight across and plain or angled into the chevron shape for a little more excitement, this mustache says that you appreciate an oldie but a goodie and you understand the cardinal rule “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Old-Fashioned Charm

Daring mutton chops, skinny pencil mustaches, and curly Dali mustaches all have one thing in common. They indicate you as someone who has an eye on the past as well as on the future, and who can appreciate the finer things in life even if they’re a little old fashioned. Mustache shapes that have gone out of style tell everyone who looks at you that you aren’t afraid to go against the norm, and that you know what you like and aren’t afraid to rock it!

Artistic Flair

Whether you stick to the familiar handlebar or you coax those whiskers into different fun shapes, any kind of waxed mustache is sure to get you a second look, and probably more than a few good conversations! These fun and creative mustache styles show that you march to the beat of your own drum, and that you do what you love even when it makes you different. It also lets people know that you’re an expert on having a good time, and that you have a sense of humor!

Bold and Brave

Not everyone can grow a really good mustache, but even fewer people out there can grow a mustache of this proportion. Bushy, billowy, and unapologetic, mustaches like the walrus or the Poirot style show that you’re a man’s man who’s willing to commit to a long grow-out time and careful upkeep of such a big mustache. They mark you out as someone who’s patient and dedicated, and as someone who sticks to their guns once they make up their mind. A man with a mustache like this is a good person to have around!

Wild Child

You let it grow and do its own thing, and that says as much about you as any other mustache style you could have! When you take a hands-off approach to your facial hair, it shows that you like to go with the flow, and that you’re an easy-going type of person who prefers to keep things pared down to the basics. You appreciate the simple life, and that’s a beautiful thing!

Dedicated Fan

Whether you’re mimicking Robert Downey Jr.’s iconic goatee or Michael B. Jordan’s short and neat ‘stache, modeling your facial hair after an existing style made famous by one person shows what a fan you are of that man, and how you appreciate their good taste in mustaches! It might also show that you share similar values with them or something they’re involved with, like being an Iron Man superfan.

Impeccable Perfectionist

If there’s never a hair out of place on your perfectly groomed, shaped, and trimmed mustache, it tells everyone you meet that you don’t settle for less than the best! You’re meticulous and detail-oriented with an appreciation for tidiness and precision, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun, because there’s nothing more fun than a good mustache!

Want to keep any one of these mustache styles clean, healthy, and well-groomed? Check out our premium beard care products here. They’ll help you to do just that!

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