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Top 5 Summer Beard Tips

Top 5 Summer Beard Tips


Summer days call for trips to the beach, grill outs, and backyard sports. The weather is warm and many spend most of their days outside either working or staying active. Men with a beard are all too familiar with the sweat and irritation that comes on during this season and often have an increased urge to have a clean shave. Resist that urge and follow these 5 easy summer grooming tips. You’ll thank us later.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Who doesn’t love a summer day spent in the pool? While you may enjoy an occasional swim to help you cool down, your beard is definitely not a fan of the pool’s chlorine. While the popular pool chemical does its job to kill any potential harmful bacteria found in the water, it also strips beard hair of its natural oils. Investing in a quality beard oil and beard butter will help retain the moisture in your beard, making it softer and less irritating to the skin underneath. 

Our shea-based beard butter moisturizes without leaving the oily and greasy feeling found in other products on the market. We offer a variety of scents for every preference and occasion, but some of our popular summer blends include Beach Blend, Shipwrecked, and No. 5.

Rinse and Repeat

Say you opt for the beach instead of the pool — the ocean doesn’t have chlorine so your beard is in the clear, right? Wrong! Salt water can be just as damaging to your beard hair as chlorine. Salt water is naturally drying and if not rinsed out of your beard after a day surfing the waves, it can cause your beard hair to become dry, damaged, and more prone to split ends. But we have a solution so you can continue to enjoy your beach trip without worrying about the health of your beard — beard wash.

Be sure to rinse your beard with water and beard wash as soon as you return from the beach. It will leave your beard feeling soft and smelling amazing.

Keep it Clean

Sweat happens, especially during hot summer days. Many men are prone to sweat more during the summer months, which may irritate the skin underneath the beard and cause a breakout. When you hop in the shower to clean off after a long day of working or playing in the sun, give your beard the same attention you give to the hair on your head and be sure to use products designed specifically for beards. 

Fresh Beard’s Beard Wash is specially designed to remove the sweat, dirt, and excess oils from coarse beard hair while protecting the sensitive skin underneath and retaining the moisture and hydrating the beard. A common mistake many men make is to use their regular shampoo in their beards, however, many shampoos for the scalp contain ingredients that are not meant for the sensitive skin on faces. It’s important to invest in quality products that are designed for what you’re looking for.

Stay Hydrated

You may be asking yourself — “what does water and staying hydrated have to do with the health of my beard?” And the answer is “a lot.” While it’s in your best interest to stay hydrated and drink a healthy amount of water daily, depriving yourself of enough H2O not only affects your physical and mental health, but also the health of your hair and skin. Without enough water in your body, hair will become dry and brittle, hence breaking more easily.

Spending more time being active outdoors in the heat causes you to sweat more and requires you to consume even more water than usual. There are some beard products such as beard oil and beard wash that will add hydration to your hair, but it’s important to also ensure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day as well.

Trim and Shape

An especially long beard that is overdue for a trim may require a slight touch up during the summer months to feel healthier and easier to maintain, but it certainly doesn’t need a complete shave-off. Start off shaving less, as you can always go back and shave more if you feel it’s needed. 

Once it’s at your desired length and the split ends are trimmed off, use beard balm to style it to your preference. Our beard balms are made with all natural beeswax to allow for a firm hold, and to tame the unruly and frizzy summer strays. Embrace your beard this summer and continue to let it grow!
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