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Welcome to the Bearded Word

Welcome to the Bearded Word


Welcome to the Bearded Word—the official blog of Fresh Beards, the preferred product of epic beards everywhere.

Join the Fresh Beards community of beards and beard lovers as we offer fresh advice and inspiration for every beard.  This blog is all about living the bearded lifestyle, offering tips, insights, and humor (lots of humor) relating to all things beard. Through the Bearded Word, we hope to impart a little bit of knowledge on growing and maintaining all beard types.

Here’s a taste of what you can look forward to in the Bearded Word:

  • Tips, Tricks, and Hacks
  • News & Upcoming Events
  • Fresh Beards: Behind the Scenes
  • Guest Posts
  • Detailed FAQs
  • Interviews
  • Exclusive discount codes

We invite you and your glorious beard to interact, leave comments, and ask questions related to the blog. For all other support questions about Fresh Beards website or products, please email

We welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions. However, we pride ourselves on being a morally grounded company and will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, profane, disrespectful, or irrelevant. Our purpose is to support those embarking on the beard journey, and to have some fun along the way.  With that said, please respect the blog and respect the beard.

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. We’re stoked to have you join us!

Yours truly,

Fresh Beard of PA


    Today, I received the 14 4 oz collection of Fresh Beard Beard Butters. I bought them on the recommendation of BeardTube. I have checked all 14 scents and they are amazing. Tonight I am wearing Armour (Sandalwood and Bourbon). The aroma is subtle but invigorating.

    Application was creamy and easy. My beard feels incredibly soft.

    I had given up on beard butters because most company’s offer a gritty, chalky caulk substance that is difficult to soften and apply. Fresh Beard offers the best beard butters I have found and the ingredients are natural and the products are superb moisturizers.
    Kenneth Warlick

    My husband loves the beard butter, I love that the hunt is over!


    Me too. Three or four years ago I began a quest to find the perfect beard balm. I tried several brands not loving any of them. They I tried Fresh Beards Beard Butter. My quest ended. Love these products.

    Bob Craghead

    Been using Fresh Beards for about 2 years now and I won’t stop. I love the product!

    Luis Arvizu
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