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What Does Beard Butter Do?

What Does Beard Butter Do?


At Fresh Beards, we make it our business to ensure you have the best products to support a healthy, well-cared for beard. Beard butter in particular is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after products for beard care across the world. This is because Beard butter can improve the health, style, and feel of your beard, letting you fully embrace the distinct look of your facial hair. But just what is beard butter, what is it good for, and how is it different from other products, like beard oils and beard balms? Let’s take a closer look at what makes beard butter such a good choice for ongoing beard care and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

What is Beard Butter?

Beard butter is generally composed of all-natural butters and oils. It offers a gentle-but-firm hold, but it’s not as stiff a product as beard balm since it usually contains very little, and sometimes no beeswax or other firming ingredient. Its main ingredients are usually shea or mango butters and those natural oils. More specifically, beard butter works as a thorough conditioner to soften and moisturize your beard and your face’s skin. Essentially, the natural butters get absorbed into the beard hair, which gives your beards a richer, fuller appearance. Since beeswax isn’t usually a part of beard butter, this product provides a creamy texture that feels light and refreshing. The soft consistency will guarantee full coverage across your hair follicles, skin, and facial hair to better hydrate, condition, and refresh your hair and the skin. Beard butter is also the ideal solution if you're trying to reduce beard itch or have naturally-dry skin or dandruff.

How Should You Use Beard Butter?

Beard butter is easy to use, even more so than beard balm, mainly because it offers a softer blend of ingredients. Just dip your fingertip in the container and gently scoop out a coin-sized dollop. Massage it briefly between your palms and then spread it evenly across your beard hair. If you have a bigger, fuller beard, use a wide-toothed sandalwood comb to help comb it throughout your beard. Since beard butter helps to preserve moisture, it can be a great idea to apply it immediately after a shower. But if your skin or hair starts to feel greasy after use, that is probably a sign that you have rubbed in too much and should reduce the amount you apply next time.

When and How Often Should You Use Beard Butter?

While there’s no single answer to when and how often is best to use beard butter, there are plenty of great options. For instance, using beard butter at night. If you’re someone who prefers showering before bed, apply your favorite beard oil and then wait a few minutes to massage in the beard butter before you turn in for the evening. If you don’t shower and don’t need to capture that extra moisture, just use the beard butter by itself. In the morning, you’ll discover your beard is comfortably soft and easy to stylize and groom.

You can also prioritize using beard butter as part of your morning routine. If you need some extra firmness to set your beard how you like, beard butter is ideal and your beard will take in healthy nutrients that it needs at the same time. While either of these timings can work well, you’ll discover the best one for you and a beard that is softer to the touch than ever before!

Since beard butter softens, stylizes, and introduces health ingredients to your beard, using it regularly offers you a convenient way to care for your beard while improving how it looks. Additionally, when you combine it with other important products like beard oil, you’ll get the most out of your beard while also keeping your skin nourished and refreshed. 

For all your beard care needs, choose the best beard butter options and other essential beard products at Fresh Beards!
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