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What is the Difference Between Beard Butter and Beard Oil?

What is the Difference Between Beard Butter and Beard Oil?


So, you’re shopping for beard care products. Maybe this is your first time trying to commit to growing your beard out, or maybe you’re a veteran but have never really tried to take care of your beard before. Maybe you’ve just never been able to figure out what separates beard butter from beard oil! It can be confusing to navigate the world of personal grooming, so to help you decide which product will work best for you and your mane, here’s a breakdown of the differences between beard oil and beard butter.

Beard Oil

For starters, beard oil is a liquid product that you’ll get in a bottle. Its main function is to moisturize your hair and skin to keep everything nice and healthy. Our beard oils starts with a base of liquid shea that is infused with fragrance oils from our trusted vendors.

Beard oil is good for any hair type and any stage of hair growth, but one of its best uses is to reduce itching and flaking either in early stages of hair growth or if you just keep your beard on the shorter side. Itching is a major reason that men might bail out on growing their beard, so oil is useful for getting through those early days. 

Beard oil can help keep your beard more manageable by keeping it pliable, healthy, and hydrated from the root, while also adding a little shine and a light scent. It’s a great first step into the world of beard care!

Beard Butter

Where beard oil is a liquid product, beard butter is a solid product that usually comes in a tub. It serves a lot of the same purposes of moisturizing your beard and keeping everything soft and manageable, but if your beard is on the longer side, beard butter is an especially great choice for you to help keep everything hydrated.

Beard butter is usually made of a blend of oils, butters, and fragrance oils. You can find similar ingredients in a beard butter to the kind you’d find in an oil, like jojoba oil, but you’ll also find something like shea butter that adds extra moisturizing power and keeps the product solid at room temperature. 

Beard butter is great for keeping beard hair moisturized, and it also provides a small amount of hold that can help your beard keep its shape throughout the day. As a bonus, since it coats the hair strands, it can also provide the appearance of a thicker and fuller beard.

What About Both?

Using both beard butter and beard oil might work well for you! Try using a little oil to hydrate the skin and keep flakes at bay and a little butter to give some hold and make your beard look thick and well-groomed. You could also keep both products on hand to use on different days as you please. Every man - and beard - is a different case, so don’t be afraid to experiment with products and scents to find what works best for you. 

At Fresh Beards, our premium beard oils and beard butters are made of high quality ingredients with every beard type in mind. You can browse our Beard Care section here to take a look at our selection, which includes everything from oils and butters to washes and mustache wax.

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