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Why Does My Beard Have a Bald Spot?

Why Does My Beard Have a Bald Spot?


All men are different, and that means all beards are unique. Not everyone is going to have a bushy lumberjack face forest. Some guys grow beards that aren’t perfectly uniform.

Maybe you look in the mirror and see a beard that’s patchy, thin, or has a couple bald spots, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t just as much of a bearded king as your full bearded brothers. Your unique beard just adds to your distinction.

But that doesn't mean healthy grooming practices won't help a patch problem. We took a look at some common causes of beard bald spots and put together some tips to help accept and accentuate your shape and fullness.


Why Is My Beard So Patchy?

man crossing arms patchy beard

Some men simply have more hair follicles than others. This allows them to grow denser, coarser beards naturally, similar to the hair on other parts of the body. If you have finer, thinner hair elsewhere, your beard is likely to be finer and thinner too. There’s nothing you can do to change genetics, you just have to play the hand your were dealt - or in this case the face.

Testosterone also comes into play, and hair follicles are very sensitive to hormone levels and fluctuations. If you notice sudden thinning or a random bald patch appears, you should check with your doctor, but its important to note that just because you have a thinner beard, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have low testosterone. You're likely in a totally normal range.

Just like some guys are taller than others, some guys have fuller beards. You aren’t abnormal, you and that 7-foot fella are just different.


Grow Out of It!

Some men think they have a patchy beard, but they just don't give it a chance!

The first step in growing a full beard is, well, growing it out. As they grow in from a clean shaven face, hairs tend to grow at different rates, and in the beginning many beards are patchy. Taking care of your facial hair and giving it time to fully come in may be the only solution you need to fixing those pesky bald spots.

If you're testing out how the fully bearded look works for you, don’t shave for a while, and resist the urge to trim. After a month of unbridled growth, trim your cheek and jaw line to keep things nice and tidy, but continue to let your beard do its thing. Having more beard hair will help to diminish the visibility of any bald spots or patches, and you may find them filling in on their own.


Care for those Hairs

closeup man combing full beard

Another easy tip for blending those bald patches? Take good care of your beard hair! If your hair is brittle or wiry it will only make the patches more apparent.

  • Apply beard oil — Beard oils soften your scruff, reduce itch that often occurs during growth, and moisturize both your hair and the skin beneath. Having healthy skin is essential to having a healthy beard; your skin is literally the base for your beard. Beard oil will keep those face follicles happy and healthy and promote more growth.
  • Apply beard balm — A good beard balm made with the right ingredients, like beeswax will really help your beard beyond just the growing process. You want to use the balm as a styling product. Now, I know what you’re saying, “Styling, I’m busy trying to grow!” I hear you, but beard balm will help train your hairs to grow in the direction you want them to grow. So, use the balm to guide your healthy hair over those patches.
  • Brush your beard — Using a quality beard brush or comb will help you guide that beard hair over your patches, and it will make you look clean, professional, and uniform. There’s nothing more gentlemanly than a perfectly groomed beard.

    Embrace Your Face

    happy, smiling bearded man

    You’ve been growing now for a while, and nothing seems to work. Well, that’s fine, because nothing has to “work". A patchy beard is only what you make it. 

    If you’re worrying that your patchy beard is a deal breaker, don’t. That might sound like advice that’s easy to give, impossible to take, but it’s truly that simple. If you come as you are it shouts courage. Everyone in a room with you will know that you are totally confident in your own beard, you don’t have anything to prove.

    Even Hollywood stars have patchy beards. Think about Ryan Gosling, he’s known for his good looks and yet look at his beard: it’s patchy. The man has embraced his facial hair and turned it into his strength. He exudes confidence, and it shows.

    One last tip, if it’s not growing out right, try keeping it close. A closely trimmed beard will make patches less noticeable, and it looks pretty distinguished at the same time.


    Here’s Everything Trimmed Down

    Your beard's fullness is mostly a reflection of your genetics and hormones. You have to embrace what you have and make it work for you, but there are some tips for making sure yours is as healthy and full looking as possible.

    Don’t worry what anyone else thinks, as long as your confident that’s what will stick. As long as you keep your beard looking good with the right products, and you practice proper grooming routines your beard will be just as bold as any.

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