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Finding Fresh Beards Across the Country

Finding Fresh Beards Across the Country


As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift and businesses open back up, many will run to their barbershops first to get their much-needed trims and stock up on their Fresh Beards essentials. Lucky for you, our products ship worldwide and you can find our collections to buy in many barbershops across the country. It’s important now, more than ever, to show your barbers some appreciation and support.

Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men

As one of the fastest growing men's hair care companies in the country, Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men has your Fresh Beards needs covered in MI, FL, OH, NY, KS, CO, WI, NC, AZ, IL, MO, TN, and IN.

“We set out each day to make the Lady Jane's experience better for each and every guy. That's what sets us apart, that's what makes us the best - no, ONLY place - for guys to get an amazing haircut experience in an environment designed specifically for them,” according to their website.

Whether you’re looking for a haircut, hair and scalp treatment, colors and highlights, facial hair trim, neck shave, or just a Fresh Beards stock up, Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men has you covered! They’re wicked awesome!

Fresh Fades Barbershop

If you’re in the Charleston, New Hampshire area, head to Fresh Fades Barbershop on Main Street to stock up on your Fresh Beards products. They offer affordable cuts and have even been known to deliver fun hair designs at the client’s request, such as a colorful basketball or star design.

Show them some support and pay a visit once it is safe to do so. You won’t regret it!

City Cuts

Our awesome neighbors at City Cuts Barbershop in Kutztown, PA not only offers great haircuts and products, but they also boost their young clients’ confidence with their #BooksByKids mission.

“Looking your best starts with feeling your best. And that goes deeper than a haircut. It’s about giving back. Doing the right thing. Creating a community. Caring about each other. And, yeah, a great haircut doesn’t hurt either,” according to their website.

Support your local barbershop that gives back to your community.

Sangster Barber and Salon

Sangster Barber and Salon in Hamden, Connecticut prides themselves on quality haircuts and comfortable and relaxing experiences. Whatever price or hair and beard service you’re looking for, Sangster Barber and Salon has it. They offer many different package options ranging from the Men’s Executive option to the Undercut with Design.

Be sure to pick up your favorite Fresh Beards blend after your cut to keep your beard looking fresh!

To Be Continued

This is not a complete list of shops that currently carry our products, so stay tuned for more barbershop feature blogs to come in the future. If you’re a barber and interested in carrying our products — or a customer that wishes their barber did — learn about our partnership opportunities here.

As always, if you are not located near a barbershop that carries our products or you prefer to order online, our site is always open for business. Stay fresh, stay healthy, and support local.

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