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How Long Should I Grow My Beard?

How Long Should I Grow My Beard?


Growing a beard is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, patience, and care, but the outcome is the greatest reward and worth any amount of wait. But depending on your lifestyle and preferences, the ideal length of beard is different for every man. Read our guide below to learn how far you should grow your beard and don’t be afraid to test out varying lengths to find the one that works for you.

Subtle Shadow

Some may assume that the five o’clock shadow, AKA designer stubble, is due to the unintentional lack of shaving after a few busy days, but we beg to differ. This purposeful and popular style works for the men who wish to keep some facial hair, but their lifestyles deter them from growing a full, long beard. We see celebrities, athletes, and average men donning this look every day and for good reason.

A subtle shadow doesn’t require a months-long time commitment or lengthy morning routine to properly groom and style the look. For most men, they will notice a shadow after 2-5 days of not shaving and should trim the beard twice a week to maintain the look. While this look doesn’t require much maintenance, it’s important to invest in a quality trimmer, face wash, and skin moisturizer.


Short and Groomed

man with a short beard and a longboard

If you’re ready to grow your beard out of the shadows, but a long “yeard” seems too daunting to start, the short and groomed beard is the length for you. After letting your stubble continue to grow for two weeks without shaving, your beard may start to resemble the short, sleek style. Don’t feel discouraged if your beard grows in patchy at first or takes longer than expected to get to your ideal length, every growing journey is different.

As you grow a beard from a clean shaven face, hairs tend to grow at different rates and giving your face an even trim after a month should help you get a uniform look. Use a trimmer set at 3-5mm to achieve this look and remember to take care of your beard as it comes in to keep it healthy and manageable. Beard oils soften your scruff, reduce itch, and moisturize the hair and skin beneath. Use beard balm as a styling product to help train your hairs to grow in the direction you want them to grow.


Mid-length Mane

man with mid length beard

As the beard continues to grow for around 2-3 months and starts to come away from the face, you are officially out of the short beard phase. While there is work to be done during every phase of the beard growing process to keep your hair and skin healthy and maintained, the mid-length mane phase requires slightly more upkeep. 

Continue to use beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter to hydrate your hair and skin, give a healthy shine and apply some hold, but also add beard wash to your grooming routine. Your beard is different from the hair on your scalp and deserves a product designed specifically for it. Beard wash will remove dirt, oils, and grit while retaining the moisture.


Full Grown

man with a long beard

If your work allows it and you have the time in your schedule to wait for your beard to grow out past your shoulders and then care for the look daily, the full grown “mountain man” style may be the one for you.

Be patient. To achieve this look, you may be waiting 8 months to a year and tolerating awkward growing phases throughout that time, but it will all pay-off. While it’s not as essential to brush or comb shorter beards daily, a long beard requires the same, if not more, attention as the hair on top of your head. Using a quality beard brush or comb will give you a clean, professional, and uniform look while beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, and beard butter will help keep your hair clean, fresh, and healthy.


Find the Length for You

Whether you’re just beginning your beard growth journey or you’re years underway, finding the perfect length that fits your lifestyle and preferences may take some time and multiple tries. Don’t give up. With this guide and the right products, you’ll soon have your ideal beard.

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