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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Bearded Guy You Love

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Bearded Guy You Love


Valentine’s Day is the time of year to really appreciate the people you love, and we don’t have to know you to know how much you love your guy, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes! Here at Fresh Beards, however, when we show our love, we tend to focus it right on the face and the beards and mustaches that make it special!

We’ll say it during February just as loud and proud as we do any other time of the year: we love beards! Short, long, curly, straight, simply, styled, we love them all, and if there’s a bearded man in your life, we’re sure you love them too. That beard that makes your man look so good deserves plenty of love itself, and our handcrafted beard care products are just the thing for you to show how much you care for your guy– every inch of him. Here are some ideas for gifts you can give to the man in your life this Valentine’s Day!

Scented Beard Oil

By February every year, we’ve all had enough of winter, and your man’s beard probably has, too. The cold, dry air sucks the moisture right out of human skin and hair, making even the most carefully maintained facial hair dry, brittle, itchy, and uncomfortable. A deeply nourishing and hydrating beard product like a beard oil can help to sort this out and make a beard healthy and moisturized again, making it a great gift! Here’s a hint: to decide on a scent to choose for your guy, look up the fragrance notes of a cologne he often wears and compare them to the fragrance notes of our specialty beard oils. When you find one with a fair amount of overlap, it’s sure to be a great scent for him!

Mustache Wax

Do you have an adventurous man in your life who loves to get creative and experiment with his style? Taking that exploration up to his face might be something he ends up loving, and nothing lets you play with your facial hair quite like mustache wax! Whether he likes hipster handlebars, pointy Dalis, or any other fashion-forward mustache style, this great product will help him to keep his facial hair in shape all day long. 

Handy Travel Combs

If the man you love is always on the road, he probably has to keep his personal care routine compact and simple just for it to be practical. However, this doesn’t mean that he can’t keep his beard neat, tangle free, and looking great, especially with a small and convenient comb from our line of beard care products! This travel-size tool is perfect to drop in a suitcase, backpack, or briefcase for a quick tidy-up wherever your guy happens to be.

Stylish T-Shirts

We’ve found that when you love your beard, you really love it, and you love rocking it wherever you go. Our Fresh Beards T-shirts allow your guy to show off that beard love on his chest as well as on his face! With our streamlined and stylish logo available in lots of different colors and patterns, you’re sure to find something that will fit into your man’s style and show off his bearded pride all day long.

Aromatic Sample Packs

Everyone has a little something that bugs them about the person they love, and if it drives you crazy that your man is the indecisive type, you’ve found the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him right here! Our fragrance sample pack is perfect for guys who aren’t quite sure what they like. It allows them to actually get a whiff of what our products smell like instead of having to choose from a written description. These single-use beard oils are great for travel as well, and they allow your man to narrow down what he likes without having to commit to a full-sized product. 

No matter what kind of beard the man in your life likes to sport, we hope that this guide helps you find the perfect present to give him with lots of love this Valentine’s day. Want more inspiration? Make sure to keep reading our blog, The Bearded Word, here at Fresh Beards!
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