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5 Tips for Growing Out Your Beard During No-Shave November

5 Tips for Growing Out Your Beard During No-Shave November


5 Tips for Growing Out Your Beard During No-Shave November

November is here, and with it comes the annual beard parade that is No-Shave November! Whether you choose to celebrate No-Shave November or Movember, it’s mustache-based cousin, you’ll be joining hundreds of men across the country in putting your razor down for the month. Both of these traditions were created to bring awareness to men’s health, and by participating and donating if you can, you’re doing your bearded brothers a solid and becoming a part of a great cause.

If you’re growing out your mustache or beard this November, you don’t want to be stuck with scraggly scruff for the rest of the month! To grow a full and healthy beard that looks and feels great, follow these essential tips. You might find yourself not wanting to say goodbye to your beard once December rolls around!

Create a Wash Schedule

Just like the hair on your head, the hair on your face needs to be kept clean. Your beard can become pretty gross over time, full of oil, dirt, dust, food particles, and germs– not things you really want hanging around on your face. Establishing a routine of washing your beard keeps the nastiness at bay! 

You really don’t need to be washing your beard every day unless you work an incredibly active and dirty job and your beard is very long. Somewhere between once and three times a week should keep your beard nice and clean without stripping away its natural oils too much. Make sure you don’t use any old soap or shampoo on your precious beard hair and the sensitive skin of your face! A good beard wash will have just the right ingredients to help you avoid irritation and dryness.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s the key to a healthy beard! All skin and hair needs a certain level of moisture, and especially during the November chill, you probably aren’t getting enough on your own. Believe it or not, oily faces and beards can sometimes come down to a lack of moisture, too. If you don’t feed your beard with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, your skin and pores over-produce oil to compensate.

Every time you wash your beard and whenever your hair and skin seem dry in between, moisturize with a beard oil or beard butter to keep things smooth and healthy. This will also help you to get through that dreaded itching phase early on in the month!

Go for Hold

Depending on the set of rules you choose to follow for No-Shave November, you might be forbidden from cutting or trimming your beard at all throughout the month. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go about your day looking messy with raggedy facial hair! Taking a little time each day to style your beard will keep you looking put-together, like a man who has it all under control.

Choosing a beard balm that has a little bit of hold to it is especially useful as your beard starts to get longer. It’ll help your facial hair stay in the shape you like throughout the day, whether you want a natural look or something smooth and sculpted!

Bust Out the Tools

Once your beard hair gets long enough, you should be combing or brushing it regularly to keep it healthy and neat. Not only is this necessary for busting tangles, but regular combing and brushing helps to keep your beard cleaner! In between washes, a good run-through with a quality wooden comb or brush will distribute oils down the length of your hair, loosen and remove dirt and debris, and help your beard look shiny, tidy, and healthy.

Try to brush or comb your beard at least once a day if you can. If you have a longer beard, you can even carry a travel comb in your pocket or bag to keep tangles at bay throughout the day!

Stay Healthy

Growing out your beard is good fun and a great conversation starter, but at the end of the day, No-Shave November is about men’s health and taking care of yourself! It was created to bring more attention to something that we all tend to neglect, and the best way to celebrate the month (and grow a great-looking beard) is to take care of your health and your body.

Focus on adding nutrient-dense foods to your diet, getting more sleep, and getting exercise and physical activity. When you’re feeling better, your beard will look better! It’s also smart to go in for your annual physical if you haven’t done it yet, and encourage your friends to do the same. Taking care of your body and engaging in preventative care is the best way to keep yourself healthy and ready to grow great beards and mustaches for many years to come!

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