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How To Find Your Perfect Beard Scent

How To Find Your Perfect Beard Scent


How To Find Your Perfect Beard Scent

Finding your perfect beard scent isn’t easy. Every man is unique, with a style, taste, and flair all his own. Your scent should be a reminder of you to everyone who takes a whiff. Your ideal scent will be a reflection of your essence; it should not only attract others to you but be one that you enjoy, as well. After all, it’s you that will be wearing it for hours on end. You might as well choose a scent that you look forward to smelling whenever the wind catches your man mane just right. 

The world of fragrance is confusing for even the sharpest of men. Fortunately, Fresh Beards is here to help you navigate your scent journey. From testing techniques to decoding complicated language, we are here for you. For the man who wants to smell his best, here’s how to find your perfect beard scent.

  • Check out the Fresh Beards “Sample Pack” to get started

While our Scent Guide and Scent Quiz are great places to start on finding a blend to try, it can still be difficult to tell what scent will work best for you. It’s easy to love a scent when you’re first testing it out; when you’re smelling tons of new smells at once, your olfactory senses can get confused. Before committing to a single scent or scent mixture, try testing the waters first.

Fresh Beards has the perfect solution to your fragrance commitment issues. With our sample pack, you can mix and match up to 4 scents at a time. 13 of our premium blends are at your full disposal in your search for the perfect beard scent. These samples contain only the best ingredients to keep your beard healthy and luxurious while also smelling amazing. The best part is that, with a price so low, you can try all of our scents until you find the best one for you. 

  • Try everything in moderation

There are so many fragrances out on the market today. It seems like it’s impossible to try every single one. How can you make an informed decision about your signature scent without knowing about every option? The truth is that there is no one stopping you from taking every scent available on a test drive. In fact, trying everything may be the best way to find the scent you like the best. However, like most good things, moderation is key.

You don’t want to overwhelm your sniffer in your search for the perfect beard scent. It is very easy to kick your senses into an unnecessary overdrive that leads you down the wrong fragrance road by testing too many scents at once. Try limiting your smell tests to 3 or 4 scents at a time (wink wink- just like our sample pack- nudge nudge). This will allow you to make an informed opinion about what you like without completely destroying your olfactory system.

  • Understand scent language

The language of fragrance seems unnecessarily complicated. Scent descriptions are almost completely useless to those not fully versed in the art of scent categories and their verbiage. If you find yourself lost while reading things like “musky scent with rich undertones of citrus and mahogany” on a beard fragrance product, you’re not alone. One of the first things to learn when you start your scent journey is the vocabulary surrounding fragrance. 

Here are some common fragrance terms that you should know:

  • Musky: not as gross as it may sound. This term actually refers to a clean, laundry-like scent.
  • Woody: very manly. Think old books, campfire smoke, and cedar chips. 
  • Citrus: just as the name suggests. Expect lemons, oranges, and other zesty smells that perk up your nostrils.
  • Floral: encompasses every flower you could ever grow in a garden. Also, florals are not just for women’s perfume and are being included in more and more men’s fragrances.
  • Oriental: warm and sensual scents. Imagine spices, burning incense, and even some sweet fragrances, like vanilla. 

For the best scent combinations, try referencing a fragrance wheel and match scents that fall into nearby scent families. Our scent guide is a great place to start.

  • Go back to what you like

Have you ever had a deja vu moment after smelling something? This happens because smell is the sense that is linked closest to memory. We are drawn towards smells that are familiar because they are comforting and remind us of our fondest memories. Keep this in mind while you choose your ideal beard scent.

You might be tempted to push your instincts away as you explore the realm of fragrance. You should keep your mind and nose open and try different scents, but you should also remember your preferences. If you keep going back to a certain scent or scent combo, lean into that instinct! It’s okay to prefer simple and familiar smells.

At Fresh Beards, we know that every man is unique. When it comes to smell, your perfect beard scent is somewhere in our inventory. Come find your favorite fragrance in our beard care products today!
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