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Santa and Secret Santa: Meet Our Holiday Scent Collection!

Santa and Secret Santa: Meet Our Holiday Scent Collection!


Santa and Secret Santa: Meet Our Holiday Scent Collection!

It only comes once a year, but the holidays are finally here! It’s getting chillier, the lights in store windows are going up, and everyone is starting to embrace the holiday spirit and get ready for some celebration, fun, and togetherness with the people they love. Here at Fresh Beards, we’re gearing up for the holiday season as well, and we’re celebrating the best way we know how – with beards! Whether you like a Santa Claus mane or you prefer to keep things short and sweet, our Santa and Secret Santa holiday scent collections are just the thing you need to keep your facial hair moisturized, healthy, and looking great through the cold winter months.

Santa Scent

When you want to take care of your beard and mustache and enjoy the holly jolly smells of the season at the same time, our Santa beard care collection is just the thing you need. With a distinctive peppermint scent that will remind you of all of your favorite holiday memories, you’ll love this festive fragrance– maybe even enough to keep wearing it all year round!

Secret Santa Scent

If the sweet, sugary, and peppermint scents of the holiday season aren’t quite your speed, don’t worry! Fresh Beards still has you covered with our Secret Santa scent, a more subtle and refined take on December beard care. With notes of cinnamon, orange, clove, and pine trees, Secret Santa is masculine, seasonal, and cozy without being overpowering. It’ll remind you of what it smells like to come inside to your warm, toasty house after a cold December day! Secret Santa is a great seasonal fragrance that can easily transition to the rest of the year.

Our Product Collections

Both our Santa and our Secret Santa fragrances are available as signature scents for all of our major beard care products! This includes our cleansing Beard Wash, our nourishing Beard Butter, our sculpting Beard Balm, our hydrating Beard Oil, and our convenient Mustache Wax. You can use these products in any combination you’d like! For basic beard care, we recommend using a beard wash to stay clean and a hydrating product like a butter, oil, or balm for necessary moisture. If you want to create a personal, curated scent that’s completely your own, you can even use the Santa or Secret Santa scents alongside other scents from our line of products, creating a fragrance that no one else can mimic!

Why is Winter Beard Care So Important?

We’re big proponents of beard care all year round here at Fresh Beards, but we understand that some people like to keep things all-natural! However, even if you’re a man who likes to avoid fuss with his beard, we would highly recommend adding some additional steps to your beard care routine during the colder months of the year.

Why is this so important? Largely, it comes down to the weather. In winter, everything is cold and dry, which sucks the vital moisture out of your skin and hair. This can lead to flakes, tight and itchy skin, brittle and scraggly facial hair, oil overproduction, and other nasty side effects. The remedy is to take more conscious care of your beard and replenish its moisture with hydrating products that will keep things looking better, and, more importantly, keep you much more comfortable.

While hydration is definitely king in the wintertime, there’s a reason we recommend beard washes too as a part of the bare-bones beard care routine. At all times of the year, even when you’re not sweating in the summer heat, your beard is accumulating oil, skin cells, debris, dust, dirt, and other gross particles. You need a proper cleansing at least a few times a week to sweep them away and prevent irritation and smelliness. But there’s one more unwelcome guest that your beard might harbor without regular washes– germs. During cold and flu season, your beard can become a happy germ habitat right on your face, and if there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s for germs to be hanging around in your facial hair, so wash that beard and keep things healthy and clean!

With our seasonal Santa scent collections, you’ll be ready to spread a little holiday cheer this December no matter what kind of beard you sport. Ready to shop the collection? Browse our online store here to get started!
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