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What Makes Us Different at Fresh Beards?

What Makes Us Different at Fresh Beards?


The world is made up of no small number of bearded men who need products to take care of their facial hair. In a market full of balms, butters, treatments, and washes, standing apart from the crowd and having something that makes us special is how we reach success as a team and a company, and how we offer the very best of ourselves that we can to you, our customers! So what is it about Fresh Beards that makes us different from every other beard care company out there? We’ll tell you!

Our Reviews and Recommendations

With many five star reviews to prove the quality of our products, we know that every tub, bottle, brush, and comb that we send out into the world is something we can be proud of. We also love seeing the amazing places that our products end up and the extraordinary men who use them. It takes a lot of work and a truly great product to create results like this, and that’s one of the things that makes us who we are here at Fresh Beards!

Produced in Small Batches

Small batch sizes are an integral part of how we work at Fresh Beards, and we think it plays a major role in the end quality of our product. Working small almost always creates a superior result– there’s a reason that homemade cookies taste better than the ones from the store, after all. By producing our products in small batches instead of en masse, we can take the time and care to really perfect each and every item we sell, creating a better product that’s worth gracing the faces of our customers.

Made in the USA

Supporting brands that are homegrown is important to so many people in this country, including our team members, and being one of those U.S. based companies that you can feel good about giving your business to is something we take great pride in. Our products are all made, packaged, and shipped right here in the U.S.A. from our central location in Katy, Texas near the Houston area!


Fresh Beards is, first and foremost, a family-owned business. Fresh Beards was founded by a U.S. Marine before the company later changed hands to current owners, Zach Van Steenvoort and his family. The Van Steenvoorts still own and operate Fresh Beards today, and working together has proved a rewarding process.

Quality Ingredients

When you’re going to be putting something on your face, particularly on a beard that you’ve spent time and effort on growing and maintaining, you want to be sure that you’ve got the best of the best. That’s exactly what Fresh Beards strives to provide with our beard butters, oils, balms, washes, and waxes. We use only high-quality ingredients that are packed with nutrients and crucial properties that will make your skin and beard look, feel, and smell great. From fragrant essential oils to nourishing butters, everything that goes into our products is something that’s worth putting on your face!

Free Domestic Shipping Over $60

We have an ironclad set of values here at Fresh Beards, and one of the things that we always want our products to be is accessible. Making great beard care products isn’t worth anything when no one can afford to use them! That’s why we always strive to keep our products affordable and easy to buy, with our online storefront and special offers like free domestic shipping on all orders over $60. These are the things that help make not only our beard care products great, but our company as well.

All of these things are what come together to make us who we are here at Fresh Beards, but the most important ingredient in this recipe is you, the many unique men who use our products! Without you, we wouldn’t be here to make the products we love and hold the values we’re so proud of, so from everyone on the Fresh Beards team, thank you!

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