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What's the Difference Between Butter, Balm, and Oil?

What's the Difference Between Butter, Balm, and Oil?


So you’re ready to begin your beard journey! Naturally you want to work towards a soft, well-nourished beard, but there are a ton of products, and a lot of potentially unfamiliar terminology out there. Balms, butters, oils — If you’re not sure what products you should use, you probably aren't sure how to incorporate them into your daily grooming routine.

We’ve all been there, and at Fresh Beards we’re here to help. Below, we cover when and why to use beard butter, beard balm, and beard oil, and what the main differences are between these three products.


Beard Oil

Beard oil is a great starter product, no matter the length of your beard. More liquid than solid beard balm or butter, it's easy to apply and works with any hair texture. It doesn't have a firm hold, and generally won't help you when it comes to styling, but for keeping your beard soft and hydrated, it's your best bet.

When you first begin growing your beard out, you may notice an itch or irritation. Resist the urge to shave it off, and instead invest in some quality beard oil. Rub the oil directly into your beard and skin after getting out of the shower. This will not only soften your beard hair, but will also moisturize your skin underneath, keeping it healthy and happy during the growing process.

That doesn't mean oil is just for newbies. For those with fully grown facial hair, beard oil will keep your beard soft and resistant to damage, reduce or eliminate dandruff in your face mane, add a healthy shine, and keep your beard not only looking and feeling good, but smelling fresh too. Check out our scent guide if you need help picking the perfect blend. 

The grooming market may be saturated with many different beard oils, but our collection was designed to be better than the rest. While most beard oil is generally made with a carrier oil, like coconut oil or argan oil, we decided to take a different approach. Instead of using a carrier oil as a filler to make a cheaper product, we opted to liquefy our shea butter and fuse it with other great moisturizers and scents. It makes all the difference. Trust us.


Beard Butter

Most men start their beard care routine with a dab of beard oil before applying the firmer, more solid beard butter or beard balm immediately after for a stronger hold and style. For those looking for a more lightweight product than beard balm, but with more shaping ability than an oil, beard butter is a the way to go.

With a consistency somewhere between oil and balm, beard butter works to both soften your beard and act as an anti-itch product designed to be used once or twice a day to help you wear or grow your beard with ultimate comfort. Unlike beard balm, it is not made with beeswax, which gives it it a softer texture that will tame light flyaways and add a bit of healthy shine without weighing your beard down, which makes it perfect for men with finer or sparser facial hair. While you'll get more moisture with just oil, some men prefer to use butter only, because of its lightweight feel.

Our beard butters are made with a mix of oils and shea butter. The natural base is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and dyes. Our shea-based butter feels more natural and less oily than others on the market.


Beard Balm

Beard balms feature the added ingredient of beeswax for a stronger styling hold. Balms are perfect for long and coarse beards or structured beards that need help maintaining shape or style.

Our shea-based balm is solid to the touch, but the warmth from your hands softens it to the perfect texture. Apply it to your beard for a firm hold, taming the most unruly of stray hairs. A little beard balm goes a long way. We recommend using a thumb size amount to prevent creating a hard, crunchy, and brittle beard. 


Get Started on Your Beard Journey

Every man and every beard is different. After trying out some of our beard care products and blends, you’ll learn your personal preferences and what beard care routine works best for you and your hair and skin type. Try combining multiple products such as an oil and balm or oil and butter for maximum benefits.

For the bearded beginners, we recommend trying out our Fresh Beards Starter Pack, which comes with our beard butter, beard balm, and beard oil in the fragrance of your choice. Remember to stay fresh and enjoy the beard growing journey.



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